The Economy that helps you!

This exciting economy is based on the Aetas ‘supply on transact’ model which entails clients using money they received back on previous purchases to fund new purchases. In practice, this means that clients receive their money back Rand by Rand by buying products like airtime, data, pizzas and holidays.

Open a Σ Transaction Account today!

Open a Σ Transaction Account today and start receiving your money back on a lot of product purchases. You may use the money that you received back to buy something else. Everything happens immediately with no risk to you. We offer a Free Σ Account and a Premium Σ Account, the only difference is the amount of benefits that you may enjoy.

How does it work?

When you make a purchase in Rand – Let’s say you buy airtime of R100 and pay R100. You will immediately receive R100 in airtime and in your Σ transaction Account you will immediately receive a Σ100 (our virtual currency). With the Σ100 you may purchase another R100 airtime OR buy something from Debonairs to the value of R100. You may use your earned Σ immediately or keep it for a rainy day. The possibilities are endless. Is that cool or what?

Take Credit or Rent to Own in Σ

We definitely Walk the Walk with Σ Credit products. Just like us, they are something out of this world.

You may use your earned Σ to pay for anything from Checkers Vouchers to Pre-Paid electricity, wine school fees and a whole lot more!

Use you Σ Transaction Account Mobile APP for in – store purchases.

You may use your Σ APP to transact in store with. Check out for the Σ symbol at your favorite local dealer.

Open your Σ Transaction Account today and experience - “Consequences Free Shopping”