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What is a ∑ Sigma?

Ø Sigma (symbol ∑) a virtual asset or virtual token issued by Aetas Mobile Pty Ltd.

Ø Holder/client: a natural person as defined by RSA law. A holder/client will have the ∑ Mobile APP (E wallet) and pays a R45 pm fee.

Ø Fee: The R45 per month fee is paid by the holder/client in Rand value. The fee is paid in advance and allows the holder to transact with ∑.

Ø Vendor: A participating retailer or service provider that accepts ∑ as payment for goods or services.

Ø Mine: The term used to describe how a holder may acquire or be rewarded with ∑. ∑ may never be mined when using ∑ as a payment method for goods/services. ∑ may only be mined when paying for goods/services in Rand from participating vendors as a reward. ∑ may also be mined when performing work or any other form of labour including human capital.

Ø Overview of ∑

Ø A Sigma or as referred to in short by the symbol ∑ is a virtual currency (Virtual asset) and have a minimum Rand cash value and a fluctuating purchasing value.

Ø ∑ is worth considerably more when used to pay for goods than the Rand cash value.

Ø Holders are able to ‘mine’ ∑ when they pay for goods or services at participating vendors with cash/card in Rand.

Ø ∑ cannot be ‘mined’ when ∑ is used to purchase goods.

Ø ∑ Vest in the holders Aetas Mobile APP automatically and immediately once ‘mined’ from participating vendors.

Ø The holder of ∑ may use it to pay for items from participating retailers and service providers at a pre-determined or negotiated value.

Ø The holder of ∑ may also convert the ∑ into Rand. Aetas will buy the ∑ from the holder at R0.40. To convert ∑ into Rand can take up to 3 hours. Aetas will first authenticate the ∑ before converting it to Rand.

Ø The holder of ∑ may sell ∑ to another holder for a Rand cash value larger than R0.40. Willing buyer, willing seller principal will apply.

Ø ∑ That vested in the holders mobile APP will never ‘expire’.

Ø When ∑ are ‘mined ‘the vendor may charge a transaction fee (Gas) of ∑1.

Ø There are no transaction fees (Gas) when the holder uses ∑ to pay a vendor for goods.

Ø The holder of ∑ will use his/her mobile APP to transfer ∑ to a vendor when purchasing goods with ∑.

Ø The holder must have an internet connection when transacting with ∑.

Ø Vendors will pay ∑ to holders via vendor ∑ POS software.

Ø ∑ will stimulate trade.

Ø ∑ eliminates the risk of having to carry cash.

Ø ∑ will increase your monthly disposal income and allow you to live a much higher lifestyle

Ø ∑ allows the holder (YOU) to get ALL your money back that you spend on airtime/data, fast foods, partying, airline tickets, holidays etc,etc.

Ø Welcome to our world of ‘consequences free shopping’

How does the Aetas Economy work?

It is time to take your share of the Aetas economy in very simple steps!


As a client you can buy products (airtime/data/take-ways/groceries/pre-paid electricity and even financial products like funeral policies, short-term insurance, etc.) from participating retailers and receive goods and Σ Siegma in return. You then have a choice to do the following in the Aetas economy:

  • Spend Σ Siegma.
  • Invest Σ Siegma.
  • Take credit in Σ Siegma.


To join the exciting Aetas economy, you only need a Σ Siegma transactional account (mobile app) and vendors must have the Σ Siegma point of sale in order to start transacting.